Religious Studies Ethics revision guide. topics 6, 7, 9 and 10

topic 6: religion and sexual relationships
topic 7: religion and medical ethics
topic 9: poverty and wealth
topic 10: war, peace and justice

Full revision guide to all 4 topics. including bible quotes, key christian teachings and extra information.

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Topic 6- Human Relationships
You must know:

The role of men and women are expected to play in a Christian family. Traditional and modern-linked
to teaching of Paul

Wedding ceremony. Three purposes of marriage. Life long commitment. Catholic and Orthodox
services and their variations. The six beliefs about marriage.


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Treated Samaritan women as equal-John 4

Had women followers who stayed with him on cross-Matthew 27

First appeared to women after his resurrection before his male disciples.

Order of service: reminded marriage is `in sight of God'

Three purposes to marriage-help with support

Sex-in secure environment

To have children…

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6 teachings about marriage

Marriage was designed and created by God
Solemn agreement between both parties in God's presence
Only environment for sex
Ideal relationship for children
Intended to be permanent
Couple are intended by God to be sexually faithful

Beliefs about Divorce

The bible:

Moses allowed Jesus to divorce…

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Christians and sexual relationships
Pre-Marital sex- sex that takes place between two people who are not married. Pre-marital sex can
be between two people who are in a steady relationship or it can be casual sex between two people
that hardly know each other.

Extra-Marital sex-Adultary. All sex outside marriage…

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Religion and Medical Ethics
You must know:

Abortion-for and against arguments. Catholics and protestants.

Fertility treatment. Childlessness in the bible. Different attitudes of churches. AIH and IVF

Euthanasia. All churches opposed. Life does not have to be maintained at all costs. Suicide. Sanctity of

Animal experiments. Animals not exploited.…

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Arguments for abortion

1. every woman has the right to do as she wishes with her own body
2. baby has the right to be born into family that can meet its basic needs for food,
shelter and love
3. disabled baby places huge burden on family
4. too many…

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Roman Catholic-Euthanasia in any form is wrong. Only God can take humans life, not other human

All churches however believe that pain-killing drugs can be given that may, in the end, shortening life.
This is the law of `double effect' and is frequently used.

All life, especially human…

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Religion, Poverty and Wealth
You must know:

The teaching of the old and new testaments about the inequality of wealth-prophets and teaching of
Jesus. Parables of the bigger barns and the rich man and Lazarus. Teaching of early Christians about

The teachings of Jesus about wealth and its dangers.…

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Teaching about Money
Materialism-The approach to life that attaches a very great importance on spiritual and moral value.

Money and Wealth in the teaching of Jesus

1. The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7) Jesus encouraged the rich to share their wealth with
the poor secretly. If they did then…

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Religion, Peace and Justice
You must know:

War in the Old Testament, often given God's blessing. Jesus and war, violence. Just war.
Conscientious objectors. Pacifists.

Five purposes of punishment. Christian approach to punishment.

The message of the prophets

"I pursue and overtake my enemies; until I have made an end…


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