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Ebbw Vale, South Wales

Why did the steel industry move away from Ebbw Vale

  • Market was not as strong
  • Coal and Ore resources were running out
  • Valley sites were too small for modern factories
  • Coal and Ore resources now need to be imported so coastal areas are favourable

Impacts of this in Ebbw Vale

  • People left unemployed
  • Poor transport
  • Housing needed repaired
  • Lack of basic services and amenities
  • High crime rates
  • Unskilled workers were left with no alternative jobs

This meant that people didnt have money to spend in local shops so these closed down.

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Improvements of Ebbw Vale

'The Works'

Learning Campus

  • Schools for ages 3-11
  • Special education needs and childcare centre
  • Sports centre and 11-16 school
  • Post 16 courses for 6,000 students a year up to uni degree

Ystbty Hospital

  • Opened 2010, 95 patient beds, adult mental health, x-ray and MRI scanner
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Improvements of Ebbw Vale

Wetland Park 2009

  • 1.5 km long
  • Past industrial activity has destroyed soil and vegetation
  • Old soil was cleaned and fertilizers added; trees planted with help of local schools
  • New pedestrial and cycle routes


  • Create over 2,000 jobs from local businesses


  • New railway station connecting Blaenau Gwent to Cardiff
  • Walkway connecting The Wors to Ebbw Vale town centre
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Improvements of Ebbw Vale

Mixed use residential

  • Over 700 new homes
  • Corner shops, small businesses and leisure facilities
  • Zero carbon homes provided by Welsh Future Homes


  • Historic building that is being refurbished to provide a visitor centre
  • Interacting and 3D technology that will bring the industrial heritage to life
  • This historic building will include : multi touch surfaces, interactive games, 5D cinema
  • Will also include mouse-less Microsoft computer surfaces syled as coffee tables 
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Stakeholders involved in Ebbw Vale

Blaenau Gwent Council

More people are being employed and earning more money. This means that they have more money to spend on tax which is going to the local council. Therefore they have more money in improving local services. = Positive Development

Gwent Wildlife Trust

A new wetland ecosystem has been created. This used to be a brownfield site so this is very good. = Positive Development

Local families with children

The schools in the local area have been improved a lot. This means that the children are now getting better education with better grades. More access to higher skilled jobs. = Positive Development

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Stakeholders involved in Ebbw Vale

Local unemployed

Most of people will find it work in 'The Works'. This because this is now a tertiary sector and local people might not have the needed skills for this work. Therefore they will have to have retraining so that they are able to work. Second highest unemployment rate in the UK.

Commuters needing to travel to Cardiff

Public transport has not increased massively and doesnt cater for commuters. This means that it still takes them a long time to get to work.

Conflicts in the employment structure

Transport is not adequate for commuters, insufficient jobs created for the high number of unemployed, 17% unemployment, number of people using the Blaenau Gwent ood bank has doubled in the last year.

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