The tipi

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How the tipi is constructed

1. Stitch the buffalo skin - after cleaning and drying it

2. Stretch this over a frameowrk of poles, use strong poles for more support

3. Tie the supporting poles together 

4. Tie the remaining parts together (if it is windy anchor poles to the ground)

5. Fasten the buffalo hides on to the poles

6. Insert two lighter poles on the outside for support, these can be adjusted according to wind direction

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Advantages of the tipi

  • Easy to live in, doesn't need much maintainance etc. 
  • Easy to prepare food in 
  • Good distance from hunting area
  • Fairly easy to assemble 
  • Warm in winter
  • Lots of people can live in it at the same time
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Disadvantages of the tipi

  • Have to add more poles according to wind direction 
  • Not very weather resistant 
  • Not very hygienic
  • Not very clean
  • Not very safe 
  • Can get too overcrowded
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