The triangular trade and middle passage

middle passage& triangular trade

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The triangular trade& middle passage

Triangular trade journies: 1. Passage from Europe to Africa carrying goods

2. From Africa to the Americas/Carribbean carrying African captives.

3. Homeward passage carrying sugar, tobacco, rum, rice& cotton to Europe.

The middle passage was an awful journey. Africans were packed tightly and had hardly any food or water. 10-30% of people died on a journey.

During the 1720s 200,000 Africans were transported across the Atlantic in British ships.

Large profits were made in a global trade of Sugar, tea& coffee& this was the driving force of the triangular trade.

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In the 1790s there 480,000 enslaved people in the British Carriben colonies.

Around 11-12 million Africans were transported from Afric into slavery. Lots died during capture ane on route

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