Causes of WW1

3 long term causes


Who invaded who



European countries wanted large empires so as to come accross with power and prestige.

British empire                   German Empire

      =                                = 

     Big                             Small

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Arms Race

  • Germany and Britain were fearfull of each others weapons and battleship count and so strove to build the most.
  • The British launched a stronger and faster type of ship called a dreadnought
  • Germany quickly started to build similar ships
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  • Alliance= When countries promise to support eachother in times of war
  • Triple Alliance= Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
  • Germany was worried it'd be attacked by France or Russia
  • Triple Entente=France and Russia formed an alliance in 1893, Britain joined in 1907
  • They thought Germany was getting to powerful
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The Assasination Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Part

  • Austia took over Bosnia
  • A few Serbian People are upset cos they live over the border and dont want to be ruled by Austrians
  • Apis (chief of Serbian Secret Service) haes Franz cos he's soon to be king of Austria-Hungary. He wants him dead.
  • Apis hires som men who call themselves "The Black Hand Gang" to kill Franz
  • TBHG's leader is Gavrillo Princip- he is dying of TB and has nothing to lose
  • FF takes a tour of Sarajevo with his his pegnant wife sophie, this is where TBHG will kill him on the 28th June
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The Assasination Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Part

  • Princip has a pistol, and Cabrillovic has a grenade. they all have cyanide
  • Franz has little security, but shields his wife from a grenade thrown by TBHG
  • TBHG, shocked at Cabrillovic's failure, simply watch franz+ sophie go past
  • Cabrillovic drinks cyanide and jumps in a river, but gets revived by the police
  • Princip is shocked by his friend's failure, and goes to get something to eat
  • Franz' driver takes a wrong turn and drives right by Princhip
  • Princip fires two bullets, hitting the duke through the nech, and his pregnant wife through the stomach
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Who Invaded Who?

  • 28th June- The heir to the Austro-Hungairian throne, Franz, is assasinated in Bosnia
  • Austria blames Serbia for the killing
  • The Russian army gets ready to help Serbia defend it's self against the Austro-Hungairian attack
  • Germany, Austria's ally, sends a demand to Russia ordering them to hold back from helping Serbia
  • Austria declares war on Serbia, Belgrade is bombed
  • Germany declares war on Russia, and begins to move its army towards France (Russia's ally)
  • The French prepare to fight the German invasion
  • Germany declares war on France and invades Belgium who are neutral
  • Britain orders Germany to withdraw from Belgium
  • The Germans are still in Belgium, Britain declares war on Germany
  • Austria declares war on Russia
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