the roaring 20's

a short description of the roaring 20's 1920-1929

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melting pot


  • american italians became "americans", by growing to dislike people with coloured skin. 
  • other ethnic groups became frwoned upon such as irish americans, french canadians and german americans.   

  • a hierachy based on colour


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red scare

  • people became racist towards immigrants
  • immigrants bought the radical ideas of communism (bolshevism) with them, so america cut down on the number of european immigrants
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who were sacco and vanzetti?

  • two high-profile victims of the red scare
  • italian americans
  • openly admitted anarchists
  • a trial for armed robbery and murder turned into a trial for radical ideas
  • when they were executed in 1927 protests from both radicals and moderates saw the injustice that the trial had conducted
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immigration quota act

  • number of immigrants had dropped to 150,000 per year
  • the larger proportian of immigrants were made sure to be from north-west europe (irish, british and german) rather than south-east europeans (italians and russians)
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