The Pilgrimage of Grace

Part of the Edexcel AS history course on Henry VIII

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  • Robert Aske, the leader, called up men to maintain the Holy Church
  • They wanted the restoration of the old faith - Catholicism
  • They wanted the reinstatement of abbeys, monasteries and All Saint's Day
  • They wanted the removal of evil councillors, eg, Thomas Cromwell
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Progress and developments

  • 30,000 'pilgrims' under Robert Aske held sway over the North for a bit
  • Lord Darcy, a noble, gave up his castle, Pontefract Castle 
  • Their standard was the 5 wounds of Christ
  • Organised and disciplined
  • Swore a religious oath against the Supremacy
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End and outcome

  • A truce was signed between Henry and the rebels
  • But, Henry outwitted them. He pardoned them because of the size and scale of the revolt, however, when more outbreaks happened (eg, the Cumberland Uprising), Henry took this advantage to kill the leaders
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