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The Pilgrimage of Grace ­ how serious a threat to the crown was posed by the
Pilgrimage of Grace?

1. Were the risings that took place in Lincolnshire and Cumberland just part of the Pilgrimage of
The Pilgrimage of Grace refers to those events that took place in the…

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10. Why did the rebellion fail?
The rebellion failed because its leaders wanted to negotiated and subsequently put their faith in
Henry's word. Aske had intended for a show of force to bring Henry to the negotiating table and
make the King listen to his demands. In this aim Aske…

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How far can the Pilgrimage of Grace be considered a success for the rebels?
16. Describe three reasons that Bush gives to justify his view that the Pilgrimage of Grace should
not be regarded as a failure for the rebels.
Bush maintains that the very size of the pilgrim armies…


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