Was Pilgrimage of Grace a threat to Henry VIII ?

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  • Was Pilgrimage of Grace a threat to Henry VIII ?
    • Yes
      • The scale of it was a threat - 30,000 took part, when Norfolk was sent up he only had 8,000 soldiers
        • Norfolk had to negotiate with the Pilgrims - he can't put the rebels down
      • No other law that Henry passed had caused this type of reaction from the people
        • This could be seen as the Pilgrims questioning the decisions Henry makes as King - this would mean it was a threat to Henry and his rights as King.
      • The Pilgrimage had the support of some of the gentry e.g. Lord Darcy - Henry relied on these for troops
        • The nobility should be trying to help stop the Grace - could be seen as a challenge to Henry
    • No
      • The rebellion never made it / popular in the South (London) it was only in the North where religion was most prominant
      • It was more of a threat to Cromwell and Richard Rich (mentioned in Pontefract Articles)
        • People saw them as 'lowly advisors' who misadvised the King and maintained the Protestant faith
      • The Pilgrims weren't questioning Henry's power or trying to gain. They were trying to put pressure on him to change his decisions
        • Instead they blame Parliament as all Acts have to go through Parliament


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