The Pieces of Study summary

A revision of the pieces we are studying from the new anthology

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Pavane and Galliard

Pavane and Gelliard by Holborne

  • Performed at home by normal people
  • Written for playing NOT for dancing, even though it has a dancing feel
  • Ends on a Tierce de Picardie
  • LateRenaissance
  • No specific instruments
  • Uses typical renaissance features
  • All chords are root or 4th
  • All suspensions are on the beat, this would create dissonance
  • False relations add to the sad nature
  • Lots of immitation
  • Use of Hemiola
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Piano Quintet in F minor

Piano Quintet in F minor by Brahms

  • Romantic Period
  • Potraying emotions (not nesserily love)
  • Used wide range of dynamics and varied instruments
  • Used extremes of loud to soft and high to low
  • Extended pharses
  • Played in concert by proffessionals
  • Brahms studied Baroque counterpoints (polyphonic texture)
  • Used an antiphony
  • Brahms use of motifs was influenced by Beethoven
  • Ternery Structure
    • scherzo
    • trio
    • scherzo
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