The origins and early problems of the Weimar Republic 1918-23

Why was the Weimar Republic set up?

Why was there so much opposition to the Treaty of Versailles?

Why was there opposition to the Weimar Republic 1918-23?

Why did Germany experience economic problems 1918-23?

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Why and when was the Weimar Republic set up and wh

  • Kaiser had abdicated and fled.
  • Germany needed a new constituency to run the country.
  • 1919
  • Ebert and elected members of the Constituent Assembly.
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What did the Weimar Republic consist of?

  • All over 20 could vote.
  • President elected every 7 years.
  • Article 48 - in case of emergency the President could rule the country with no majority support.
  • Proportional representation 
  • State Governments
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What were the main terms of the Treaty of Versaill

  • All colonies given to Allied Powers
  • Army not to exceed 100,000 men
  • Reparantions of £6.6 billion
  • Saar to be administrated by the League of Nations (coal mined by France)
  • Not allowed into the League of Nations.
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Why were Germany hopeful of good reparations?

  • Kaiser had fled - new democratic system.
  • The Republic needed support; they assumed the Allies would want to help them give their government a chance.
  • President Wilson declared the 'Fourteen Points' which was a fair treaty, and they were lead to believe this is what it was to be based on.
  • They were not solely to blame
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What was the reaction of the German people? (keywo

  • Dolchstoss - people felt the politicians had stabbed the army in the back.
  • People were shamed and humiliated of the harsh terms imposed on them.
  • Diktat - TOV was a dictated peace.
  • November Criminals - politicians who signed
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