Weimar Republic

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  • Weimar Republic
    • The treaty was a diktat which means that Germans weren't allowed to any negotiations.
    • The treaty was a diktat, meaning the germans weren't included in any negotiations.
    • Members of the reichstag were elected every 4 years.
      • The spartacist league was a left wing group. They were put down by the Freikorps.
    • The reichsrat were the other house of the German Parliment.
    • The chancellorwas the head of government.
    • The president was the head of state.
    • The econimc problems were between 1918-23.
      • The first biggest problem was bankruptcy, because all of the gold was spent during the war.
        • The Kapp Putsch was a right wing group.
      • The occupation of the Ruhr by frech troops.
        • The Dawes Plan was in 1924 and it was set up by and american banker called charles g.Dawes.
      • The prices went up, inflation. The government neede many but it wasn't coming in.
        • US loans fuelled industrialwork in germany, imports and exports increased, employment went up and taxation improved.
    • Right wring politics wanted to keep society stable, strong government and support capitalism.
    • right wing groups didn't like the Weimar Republic, they didn't like communists and they wanted to reverse the Treat Of Versailles.
      • The left wing groups wanted a revolution in germany, and they wanted a government of worker or soldiers.
    • There was violent political unrest, so the other political parties had their own armies.
    • The young plan in 1929 reduced total reparations and was put forward by the allies.
    • The Locarno Pact in 1925 which was a treaty between Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Belgium.
    • The Kellogg-Briand Pact in 1928, germany became one of 65 countries to sign a pact which meant that every state promised to not use war to gain any political views


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