History Paper 2

Weimar Germany and Hitler's rise to power

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How far do the early problems of the Weimar Republ

1 - The origins of the Weimar Republic; the armistice; the effects of the Treaty of Versailles

2 - Challenges to Weimar, 1919–1923: the Spartacists; attempted takeovers by the right-wing: the Freikorps;

3 - Kapp Putsch; Munich Putsch 

4 - Economic problems leading to hyperinflation; the invasion of the Ruhr

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How far did the Weimar Republic recover under Stre

5 - The role of Stresemann, as Chancellor and then Foreign Minister

6 - The recovery of the economy: new currency; the Dawes and Young Plans

7 - Developments in international relations: Locarno Pact, League of Nations, Kellogg-Briand Pact

8 - The extent of recovery – politically, economically and culturally

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