The new right view of the family.

The new right view of the family.

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New Right

Similarly to functionalists, New Right theorists see the family as the cornerstone of society. The nuclear family is the "normal family" in the view of New Right.

Key thinkers:

  • Charles Murray
  • Norman Dennis
  • George Erdos

Charles Murray.

  •  A right wing commentator and author on American and British society.
  •  He argues that intelligence is a good predictor of how well a child will do in life.
  •  He believed that teenage pregnancy, divorce and lack of education are problems in society.
  •  He also believes that society's problems are caused by its members.
  • Published a book called "The underclass"
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New Right


  • They don't acknowledge the fact that children can come from nuclear families where there is violence and abuse.
  • They blame the victims of disadvantaged families.

John Redwood

"The natural states should be the two-adult family caring for their children" The New Right sees the family in a state of deterioration. They point to the following evidence to supports their claims.....

  • Lone parent families
  • Fatherless families
  • Divorce rates
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