New Labour

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New Labour

Both before and after being elected to government in 1997, New Labour politicians have made statements supporting the traditonal family.

New Labour favours the strengthening the institution of marriage and regards a family headed by a married couple as normally the best place in which to bring up children.Cut benefits to lone-parent families.

New Labour takes a more positive view of the role of social of social policy than the New Right and believes that certain kinds of state intervention can improve life for families.

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New Labour

New Labour has introduced a number of policies that are at odds with a New Right view For example:

  • New Labour changed the law on adoption to give unmarried cohabiting couples, the right to adopt on the same basis as married couples.
  • New Labour's welfare, taxation and minimum wage policies have been partly aimed at lifting children out of poverty by re-distributing income to the poor through higher benefits.


In keeping with New Right thinking, many of New Labour's main anti-poverty benefits, such as Working Families Tax credit, are means-tested rather than being universal benefits available to everyone.


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