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The New Right

The New Right is a political perspective, primarily adopted by the Conservative party.

The general belief of the New Right, as concluded by Murrary (1990) is that the introduction of a welfare state has resulted in a culture of dependancy

Followers of this perspective would like society to re-adopt traditional values, and this is nothing but emphasised in their beliefs towards the family.

The New Right & The Family

The New Right favours the nuclear family as the ideal family for society, and deems all other family types as inferior.

They believe that the rise of family diversity due to a more liberal attitude towards issues such as lone parenthood, cohabiting, increased sexual liberation and homosexuality provides evidence for the decline of the nuclear family to a mere 38% of UK families (2013).

Problems of the Decline of the Nuclear Family

The New Right states that because of the decline of the nuclear family, the average family is not performing its functions as effectively. This leads to young people growing up with less moral consciousness, which can lead to anti-social


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