Family and Households - overall views on the family

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  • Family and Households Overall View
    • Functionalist view
      • Murdock : 4 functions
        • Sexual, reproductive, economic and socialisation
      • Parsons : 2 functions
        • Stabilisation of adult personalities and primary socialisation
    • Marxist view
      • Family serves capitalism = proletariat sells their labour to bourgeoisie
      • Marcuse
        • Claimed working class families are encourages to pursue false needs in form of consumer goods
      • Zaretsky
        • Family serves capitalism by offering emotional shelter and security from harsh world of work
    • Feminist view
      • Ansley
        • Men take out their frustration and stress of work on their wives instead of challenges the capitalist society
      • Sees the family as a negative impact on women
        • Believe society has socially constructed their roles
      • Anne Oakley
        • Family is patriarchal
    • New right view
      • Sees the nuclear family as natural
        • argue that the decline of the traditional family and growth of family diversity are the cause of many social problems such as higher crime rates


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