The League Of Nations



  • Woodrow Wilson-USA
  • David Lloyd George-United Kingdom
  • Georges Clemenceau-France
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Terms of the Armistice

  • Stop Fighting (Cease Fire).
  • Germany Should Accept Reparations.
  • Germany Should leave Alsace-Lorraine.
  • Germany Should disarm the Rhine.
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Attitudes Towards Treaty of Versailles


  • France Wanted Strict Sanctions imposed on Germany.
  • Large Sums of Reparations
  • Lots of Land Given Back
  • 'Squeeze the Lemon Till' the pips Squeak'.


  • Lloyd George Thought it was Reasonable.
  • Lloyd George was 'Half way Between France and USA in terms of Beliefs'.
  • Not too Strict, but not too Soft.
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Attitudes Towards Treaty of Versailles


  • Woodrow Wilson Wanted 'Global Peace'.
  • Didn't Want to Spark anger or Retaliation.
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Wilson's 14 Points

  • No Secret Treaties.
  • Freedom of the Seas.
  • Removal of Economic Barriers.
  • Reduction of German Armaments.
  • Settlement of all Colonial Claims.
  • Germans to Leave Russia.
  • Germans to leave Belgium.
  • French Territory of Alsace-Lorraine to be Returned.
  • Italian Country Enlarged to Host it's Population.
  • The Austro Hungarian Empire to be Given Self-Determination.
  • Germans to leave Romania, Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Independant State of Poland to be Created with Access To the Sea.
  • The Ottoman Empire to be Given Self-Determination.
  • League of Nations to be Formed
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