The cold war was a period from the 1940's to the late 1980s , although there was no actual physical fighting going on there we lots of diasgreements and arguments between the western and eater bloc.

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The league of nations

The league of nations had 4 main aims these were

  • maintain peace by discouraging aggresion from any nation
  • promote disarment
  • encouage cooperation among nations
  • improve the living and working condiitions of people across the world

how did the league work ?

  • all countries wold join
  • all countires would disarm
  • nations would take disputes to the league to the league and accept the decision of the league
  • nations would uphold the principle of collective security

what are the weeknesses of the league ?

  • the absence of the usa
  • germany was excluded by the peace settlement becuase of it "war guilt"
  • the league had no army of it's own

what are the strenghts of the league ?

  • most of the powerful nations of the world joined, includeing Britain,France,Italy and Japan
  • all members were represented in assembly and the most powerful nations met reguarly in the council, which also came together in times of emergency to resolve a crisis
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