History Paper 1

the league of nations (SUCCESSES AND FAILURES) and easy ways to remember important info for paper 1


The succesess and failures of the League Of Nation

succsesses of the League:

1. germany aloowed to join league in 1925

2. reduced malaria - 200,000 slaves freed

failures of the League:

1. the despression - 1930's

2. manchuria - 1931

3. abyssinia - 1935

the League of Nations was overall a failure beacuse they were slow at reacting and they were unable to conrtol  these invasions. hitler eventualy won against the League and they failed.

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annograms for paper 1

The League of Nations:

French and British self interest

Absent powers (USA)

Infectective santions - never used the 3rd (Armed Forces)

Lack of armed forces ^^

Unfair treaty

Reaching desisions too slowly

European club

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