The Habsburg- Valois Wars

Treaty of Noyon 1516

Ended the fighting between Spain and France after Francis' first invaison of Italy. The most important terms of the treaty were that Charles I of Spain (the future Charles V) acknowledged French control of Milan, while Francis I agreed to pass his claim to Naples to Charles through a marriage alliance.

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Comuneros Revolt 1521

Causes: Succession of Charles V/ New taxes


  1. Cancel the taxes voted in the Cortes of Corunna.
  2. A return to the local-controlled encabezamiento system of taxation.
  3. Reserve official positions and church beneficers for Castilians.
  4. Prohibit money from leaving the kingdom to fund foreign affairs.
  5. Designate a Castilian to lead the kingdom in the absence of the king
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Treaty of Madrid 1526

Gave Francis his freedom in exchange for Burgandy and marriage to Charles' sister, Eleanore anf for French participation in crusade against the Ottomans. Francis' sons are held with Charles.

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Peace of Cambrai 1529

Temporarily ended conflict . The Ladies Peace with England. France renounces claim to Naples, Artoi, Flanders. Surrender Milan. Marriage of Francis to Eleanore. paid Cahrles 300,000 ducats. Charles claimed to drop Burgundy.

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Peace of Crepy 1544

Peace was proving ineffective- France wanted to regain Milan

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Battle of Muhlburg 1547

Gave Charles a sense of success an confidence in Europe which prevents any serious threat from France

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Treaty of Chambord 1552

France would aid the Protestant cause and in return gain Metz, Toul and Verdun

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Treaty of Vaucelles 1556

Brought about a level of peace between Philip and France although it was far from lasting. charles, in retirement, urged Spain and the Netherland to support Philip in his struggle against French Domination. However, tension was reduced due to France feeling less threatened. This was partly due to the death of Mary which ended the Anglo- Habsburg alliance and there was a reduced fear of encirclements due to the Empire bieng split between Ferdinand and Philip.

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Treaty of Cateau- Cambresis 1559

Conclusion of the H-V wars. The french renounced claim to  Artois, Flanders, Tournai, Navarre and Savoy.  The French only retained Burgundy, Metz, Toul and Verdun. Charles retained Milan and Naples- keeping much of the key Italian areas of Henry II. The peace lasted for 30 years.

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