The Great Gatsby - What happens in each chapter?

Each card gives a brief understanding of what has happened in each chapter of Gatsby.

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Chapter 1

  • Nick moves to West Egg...
  • He introduces himself as the narrator, he has just moved to West Egg
  • He goes to Dinner where he meets his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom. Another woman is there named Jordan Baker.
  • Nick goes home and sees Gatsby next door, reaching out towards a green light. This is Nick's first sighting of Gatsby, and Nick is a bit confused as what to the Green Light actually symbolises.
  • Georgraphy is explained...
  • The reader is told the differences between West and East Egg.
  • East Egg = old money (money that has been inherited) West Egg = New money (money that has been created by the people themselves, not from their families.)
  • East Egg is fashionalbe and fake. West Egg has a large amount of wealth but poor.
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Chapter 2

  • Nick meets Tom's mistress Myrtle and her husband, named George. They own a garage in the VALLEY OF ASHES.
  • Myrtle goes to New York with Nick and Tom
  • Myrtle throws a party at Toms new appartment in New York.
  • Her sister and the Mckees are invited, they live in the apparment below.
  • Everybody gets drunk. Tom and Myrtle argue and he then breaks her nose. 
  • Nick tries to distance himself from the others and narrate through observation, he does not seem to participate.
  • Nick seems extremely critical of these characters.
  • Nick can't leave the situation, so he doesn't.
  • The VALLEY OF ASHES are introduced in this chapter. This setting could be a symbolism of the damage wealth could cause.
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Chapter 3

  • Nick goes to one of Gatby's parties
  • Owl Eyes is introduced, he is an unusual charcter.
  • One of the most significant parts of this chapter is how impressed Owl Eyes seems to be with the large collection of books Gatsby owns. Furthermore he is amazed that they are 'real'. Fitzgerald uses Owl Eyes to state the difference between apperance and reality inf Gatsby's life. These books are simply just worthless objects or props.
  • Gatsby is finally reveled. There are many rumours about that he had 'killed a man' and is a 'German spy'...
  • The rumours continue Jordan Bakers says that he was an 'Oxford man'. However, Jordan doesn't believe this which again creates mysterry.
  • It is clear that Nick likes Gatsby as a character, he romantacises over him 'It was one of those rare smiles with equality of eternal reassurance in it...'
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Chapter 4

In this chapter alot about Gatsbys passed is revealed, changing the structure...

  • Nick learns alot about Gatsby in this chapter
  • Nick makes a list of the people who attended Gatsby parties.
  • Gatsby invited Nick to lunch in Ney York, and tells Gatsby stories about his past.
  • A new character is introduced at lunch, he is a gambler named Meyer Wofsheim.
  • Nick meets Jordan for tea and explains that Gatsby and Daisy used to be in love.
  • Flashbacks occur, Gatsby talks about his past. He tells Nick about going to Oxford, Nick comments on how he hurries this part of the conversation, suggesting that he isn't being truthful. He shows Nick objects from Oxford, as if he is trying to prove himself.
  • Gatsby has criminal connection.
  • Jordan reveals Daisy and Gatsby's past.
  • When this is all being revealed, Nick tells the story in her voice, changing to a first - person narrative
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Chapter 5

  • Gatsby and Daisy reunite.
  • Nick and Gatsby arrange for Daisy to come for tea. Nick then tells her to bring Tom
  • This reunion is awkward, so Nick leaves Daisy and Gatsby alone for a while. Nick the returns, and they decide to visit Gatsby's mainsion .
  • After a tour of the mansion, Nick leaves Daisy and Gatsby alone together.
  • Gatsby really wants this relationship to work again, he is clearly stuck in the past
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Chapter 6

  • Gatsbys past is revealed. It turns out his real name is James Gatz...
  • Gatsby changed his name so that he could make himself a self - made millionaire.
  • Daisy attends one of Gatsby's parties with Tom, she is offended by West Egg and does not enjoy herself.
  • Gatsby wants Daisy to say that she does not love Tom.
  • Gatsby wants the past to be recovered with Daisy.
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Chapter 7

  • Tom finds out about the affair between her and Gatsby.
  • Gatsby stop the parties from happening to prevent any gossip occuring about the affair.
  • Tom then confronts Gatsby about the affair. This happens at the plaza hotel. This argument is forced by aderesing Gatsby as 'Mr Gatsby', this makes it extemely apprent that Tom does not want to be friendly....
  • Furthermore, Tom adressess Gatsby as 'Mr Nobody from Nowhere', this seems extremely agressive and is a term used to show how unimportant Tom thinks Gatsby is a a character.
  • Gatsby's car kills Myrtle in an accident - this is desrcribed in shocking and horrific language.
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Chapter 8

  • Gatsby waits all night outside the Buchanan's house in case Daisy needs him, but unfourtenly, nothing happens.
  • Gatsby tells Nick the truth about the past and his relationship with Daisy.
  • Gatsby then tells Nick his real history.
  • Gatsby dies...
  • Gatsby is good towards Daisy right until the end. He dies because of her carelessness. Wison is the person who kills him as he believe that Gatsby is infact the person who is responsible for Mrytles death, when the truth is that Daisy is responsible.
  • He dies in her place shows what a noble character he is.
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Chapter 9

  • Nick organi a funeral. Not many people attend this funeral: Owly Eyes, Gatsby's Farther a few servents attend .
  • Nick meets Jordan talks about why their relationship ended.
  • Tom reveals that he told Wilson that Gatsby was driving that car that killed Myrtle.
  • Nick tries to get people to come to Gatsby's funeral, and he thinks that he seems to be the only person on Gatsby's side, because of this Nick distances himself from the East Egg society
  • Gatsby's Farther shows an extract of Gatsby's schedule from his childhood, creating a sense of innocence for Gatsby.
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