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Chapter Eight
Gatsby waits all night outside the Buchanan's house in case Daisy needs him, but nothing
Gatsby tells Nick the truth about his past and his relationship with Daisy
Nick goes to work where he receives a phone call from Jordan. He makes excuses not to see

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o Nick's description of the society Daisy grew up in is critical of her "artificial world" full of
"cheerful snobbery"
o Nick suggests that she was part of the leisure class that "drifted here and there" listening to
the "hopeless comment of the Beale Street blues'", a song about the…

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The bright colours of summer are replaces with "grey" light and "blue leaves". The hint of
gold in the "gold turning" light could represent romance and Gatsby's continued delusion that
Daisy is still waiting for him and that things will turn round again.
Gatsby is faithful to Daisy until the…




it's just copied from the cgp guide

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