The Great Gatsby ch9 with quotes

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Chapter 9

What happens?

Funeral- no one wants to attend, Klipspringer’s tennis shoes

Henry Gatz is introduced

Nick turns Daisy against Tom

Nick presents the East as a grotesque

Owl eyes attend funeral

Last night in East, reflections on dreams


Form, language and characterisation

Realisation, Nick states that the ‘reports were a nightmare…eager, and untrue’ Similar to the way Gatsby’s parties were.


Gatsby’s father: the house looks better in a picture than in real life ‘It shows up well’


Henry Gatz: Description: ‘A solemn old man, very helpless and dismayed’- Differs from Gatsby, showing contrast between those who have a hedonistic lifestyle.



The telephone conversations mirror each other: No one wants to attend the funeral: Hopelessness for anyone attending Gatsby’s funeral.


Pathetic fallacy- symbolises loss of hope- ‘I got back to West Egg in a drizzle’ ‘A thick drizzle beside the gate’ ‘The rain poured down his thick glasses ‘We straggled down quickly through the rain to the cars’


The knowledge Nick is provided with had come about after the death of Gatsby: The death of


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