The Crucible

This play is set out in a religious town called Salem in 1962 which was written as a play by an author called Arthur Miller. 

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Act 1

In this act we will see how Abigail treats Betty and her friends and we will also see how she is the leader of their littlr devious group. We also see Abigail Williams getting questioned by Reverend Parris and how Abigail in this particular Act is portrayed as a vulnerable,sweet and innocent orphan but as we get to read The Crucible more we will see how she changes.

Main Characters in this Act:

  • Abigail Williams
  • Reverend Parris
  • Thomas Putnam and Wife
  • John Proctor
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Act 2

Act 2 is set in Elizabeth and John Proctor's house in which we will see how much John Proctor's relationship with Abigail William's has affected his own relationship with his wife. Not only do we see this but we also see John Proctor getting questioned by Reverend John Hale. Throughout this act we will also see Elizabeth Proctor getting taken away by the court's order because she is accused of being a witch by Abigail Williams. However, we see her exiting in a very dignified way even though John Proctor is shouting and being very emotional as he sees his wife getting taken away and locked in chains.

Main Characters: 

  • Elizabeth Proctor 
  • John Proctor
  • Reverend John Hale
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Act 3

Act 3 is set in the Court Room in which everyone in which Mary Warren (Abigail William's friend) will confess that she and Abigail Williams' little group were all pretending. As much as she hated to do this, she is forced by John Proctor as his wife's life is on the line here. While Mary Warren is trying to make Judge Danforthe believe her that they were all just pretending... Abigail starts to blame Mary Warren and does an act with all the other girls and because Mary Warren is all by herself without anyone else to help her, she starts to blame John Proctor.

Which is why this Act will end with John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor both accused of being witches.

Main Characters:

  • Abigail Williams and the girls
  • John Proctor
  • Mary Warren
  • Judge Danforthe
  • Elizabeth Proctor
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Act 4

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act 4?

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