Arthur Asher Miller

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  • Arthur Asher Miller
    • Birth: 17th October 1915
      • Death: 10th February 2005
    • Prominent figure in American theatre
      • Wrote dramas that include plays
        • All My Sons(1947)
          • Explores the effects of past decisions on a person's present & future
        • Death of A Salesman(1949)
          • addresses the loss of identity & a man's inability to accept change withing himself & society
            • Theme: Betrayal
        • The Crucible (1953)
          • recreates the Salem witch trials, focusing on paranoid hysteria
            • Theme: Hysteria, intolerance, Reputaion
    • Majored in journalism & worked as a reported for school newspaper - Michigan Daily
      • Wrote his first play : No Villian
        • Explores Marxism theory & inner conflict through an individual facing ruin as a result of a strike
    • U.S Federal Theatre  Project
      • Learnt about the craft of theatr, worked with skilled writers & directors
        • Clifford Odets (Waiting For Lefty)
        • Elia Kazan (later produced 'Death Of A Salesman'




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