Crucible Summary Act Notes

I basically summarised each act in this document.

It makes it easier to quickly read over before the exam to give you an overview of the play rather than reading the whole text as you obviously wouldnt have time to read it.

Also, for those who really cannot or do not want to read the crucible all over again..

They also contain notes on some of the key themes !

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Empowerment: (giving somebody power or authority)
He wanted to highlight the story of the "Red Scarce" of
-Witch trials empower several character in the play who were very
the forties and fifties low in status in Salem society
In 1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy gained fame when he
claimed that there were many communists in the -Women occupy the lowest rung of male-dominated Salem and have
few options in life. They work as servants for townsmen until they are
American Government
old enough to be married off and have children of their own.
McCarthy offered no proof of his charges and often
accused his critics being communists -Abigail is slave to John Proctor's sexual whims--he strips away her
In 1954, McCarthy was shamed as the public heard his innocence when he commits adultery with her, and he arouses
(produces) her horrible jealousy when he terminates their affair.
viciousness and lies
During the hearing, he failed to prove his claims and was -Because the Puritans' greatest fear is the disobedience of God,
condemned Abigail's accusations of witchcraft and devil-worship immediately
command the attention of the court.
Key Themes:
- By supporting herself, in the eyes of others, with God's will, she
Reputation: gains power over society, as do the other girls in her pack, and her
Characters base their actions on their desire to protect word becomes virtually unquestionable, as do theirs.
their reputation
-Tituba, whose status is lower than that of anyone else in the play by
virtue of the fact that she is black, manages similarly to deflect blame
Paris ­ He fears telling people about seeing his daughter, from herself by accusing others.
niece and their friends practising witch craft will ruin his
John Proctor ­ He has the chance to stop the girl's
accusation but in desire to protect his reputation stops
him from testifying against Abigail
John Proctor ­ However, at the end of the play, Proctor'
s decision to keep his good name leads him to make his
heroic choice not to make a false confession but to go to
his death without signing an untrue statement…read more

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Act 2 Act 1
Takes place in Proctors house there's tension between Play begins with Reverend Paris sitting on the bed with his
Elizabeth and John Proctor thinks Elizabeth will not forgive daughter lying on the bed unconscious
him because of his affair with Abigail
Paris thinks she is bewitched He found her trying to fly in the
Elizabeth tells Proctor about witch trial Whoever was accused main road He saw them yesterday dancing in the forest,
around the cauldron, one of them was even naked and his slave
was brought in front of Abigail and her friends If Abigail and
Tituba was singing some sort of charm
her friends fall to the ground act like spirit are attacking them
those accused were sentenced to death Paris doesn't know that the girls were attempting witchcraft to
find out the murders of Mrs Putnam and trying to come up with
Elizabeth wants John to go to court and say Abigail is fraud a charm to kill Elizabeth Proctor
John knows he should do this but thinks the court will not
believe him He has no proof and knows court will trust Paris was disliked by many in the town and in fear of his
Abigail's words more over his reputation being destroyed he told no one about seeing them
doing some sort of witchcraft
Mary comes home in the evening she says Elizabeth name
was mentioned in the court but she stood up for her Abigail tells her friends who were practising witchcraft to keep
the mouth shut and threatens them with murder
Elizabeth freaks out
Abigail tells John Proctor the truth about everything and flirts
She knows Abigail will accuse her of witchcraft, so she will be with him John Proctor tells her not to talk about Elizabeth
killed and Abigail can marry John he tells Abigail to forget about him
Elizabeth wants John to tell Abigail he is not interested in her Betty starts screaming when she hears the words are going up
to Jesus
Reverend Hale comes in to find out more about Elizabeth's
accusations Putnams, Proctor and Giles Corey are having an argument about
land and property
Giles Corey comes in to report his wife has been arrested
Reverend Hale arrives town, he questions everybody making
Elizabeth is also arrested because Abigail has accused her Abigail look bad Abigail blames Tituba Reverend Hale
accuses her of working with the devil Tituba knows she will
John tries to protect her but she is taken away be hanged if she denies it, so she says the devil makes her do
things like kill Reverend Paris
John tells Mary to go and confess and save Elizabeth's life
Putnam question Tituba, if she saw anybody else working with
He realises he has to confess publicly for adultery and be the devils, TItuba goes into a break down and gives names of
disgraced people she doesn't like. Abigail does the same. This is how
the witch trial began, all those people named were arrested…read more

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Act 4 Act 3
John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse and ten others are ready to be Giles Corey, John Proctor and Francis Nurse go to court with
hanged Mary Warren
Trials have put both Paris and Danforth in a tough situation All their wives have been accused and condemned so they want
they have already hanged a lot of people so they can't turn to prove this is all a fraud.
back Villages are very empty with many people in jail or
hanged Proctor brings Mary with a signed form claiming this is a fraud
Abigail has stole all of Reverend Paris's money and run away He explains Abigail was caught dancing by Paris in the forest
Nobody believes in the trials anymore Abigail denies the accusations Abigail and the other girls face
another act pretending Mary is threatening them with her spirits
Reverend Hale tries to get them to confess, he doesn't believe
they are guilty, but he feels responsible for the trials, so it's his Proctor grabs Abigail by the hair and calls her a whore
fault if anybody dies
Elizabeth is brought in and questioned whether her husband is a
If they confess he thinks they would not be hanged adulterer
Danforth and Paris wants to see some confession too because She says no to protect him
then they would justify the trials but no one will confess-> they
try to sue Elizabeth to get Proctor to confess Charges are dropped
Proctor is not sure what to do, so he decides to admit that he Reverend Hale starts to believe Proctor
works for Satan Danforth questions him of some of Satans
name but Proctor would not do it So Abigail and the girls go back tot he trick, acting like Mary is
threatening them again
Hale and Paris tell Danforth to accept the confession anyway but
when Danforth gets Proctor sign it Proctor cant sign it Mary Warren breaks down and says John works for Satan , and
Abigail is telling the truth
If he signs it he has given his name to the Church door, which is
the last thing he has, his children will suffer from his disgrace , Proctor is arrested
so he rips the confession and he feels like he found some
goodness in himself, his executed but he dies happier than
before…read more


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