The use and abuse of drugs

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Testing drugs

Stage 1-Laboratory tests; using cells and maybe live animals.

Stage 2-Clinical trials using volunteers.

Stage 3-Double blind trials.

Double blind trials use the real drug on some people and a placebo on others (not even the docters know who has what). 

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Statins can lower the amount of cholesterol in your blood (stop the liver producing too much). This can help prevent heart attack and/or stroke because of the high cholesterol levels. 

However once starting statins it is a long term drug.

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Thalidomide was developed as a sleeping pill, however it was then discovered that it prevented morning sickness during prgnancy. However the docters presumed that because it was safe for the mothers it was safe for the children, it was not. The babies had limb deformaties.

It can also treat leprosy. 

Docters are finding more uses for the drug; it can treat some cancers but they are very careful on whom to give it to.

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Drug- changes the chemical processes in the body.

Addiction- when you become physically or mentally dependant on the drug.

Withdrawl symptoms are the symptoms people might feel when trying to stop taking drugs, theses can be: shakes, headaches, sweating, pains and cravings for the drug. 

Cannabis can cause mental illness but is classes as a 'safe' drug. 

Heroin and cocaine are considered hard drugs because they are very addictive and can cause serious health issues. 

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  • cocaine
  • alcohol


  • ibuprophen
  • anphetamine


  • alcohol
  • paraciteamol


  • cannabis-{gateway drug- lead to 'harder' drugs.}
  • cocaine
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Drugs in Sports

Anabolic steriods are drugs that build up muscle mass. It is classed as a performance enhancing drug, consequently it is banned in competition in most sports agencies. It is also concidered unethical by most people. 

Arguements athletes jusify drugs with

  • Want to win
  • Health risks are scare stories
  • Others are
  • 'Didnt know'. 
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