the fourth crusade

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initial preparations - poor leadership

spring 1200 - spring 1202

leaders failed to consuly with innocent T+L+B met at soissons in early 1200 to plan crusade didnt involve innocent so it was hrder to coordinate 

kept plan to attack egypt secret so as result of this mant sailed to acre independantly, smaller numbers again

dramatically over estimated the numbers that were sent to venice in 1201. estimated 35,000 but insead it was 18,000. Lords were lacking control, only controlled their own land. 

Venice now had control 

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initial preparations - Venetian ambition

imposed treaty of venice on crusaders 85,000 marks

willingly joined the fourth crusade, enrico understood the potential economic gain. personally persuaded the leaders of venice 

venice had helped crusaders for many years 

long tradition of aid 

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initial preparations - circumstance

death of thibaut 

reduced numbers 

reduced even further upon the death of thitbaut 

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Venice - poor leadership

June 1202 - October 1202

unable to pay the sum agreed 

30,000 marks short of total owed 

couldnt set off on crusade as they couldnt settle their debts 

couldnt return home either 

stuck going nowhere 

Doge proposal accepted: attack christian city of zara, many refused the plan and returned home 

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venice - venetian ambition

doge turned screw on crusade 

refused to let them set off 

taken huge risk and expense 

forced crusade to divert to zara, damaged reputation by supporting crusade opportunity 

venice had spend huge sums on crusade 

only solution? 

took the cross himself, still focussed on Egypt 

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attack on Zara - poor leadership

October 1202- april 1203 

attack on christian city 

Bella III of hungary took the cross as well 

innocent excommunicated the leaders 

alexios' proposal had betrayed the crusade 

agreed to divert and attack another christian city, mass refusals 

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attack on Zara- Venetian ambition Enrico

showed little remorse 

rejected innocents excommunication 

keen to accept expected trading prilages in return 

keen to seek revenge for anti latin actions 

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attack on Zara- circumstance

coup in constantinople 1195 

Issac had been deposed by alexios III and issacs son alexios had escaped and toured europe seeking aid 

offer too tempting to resist, alexios sent enoys to zara 

promised it would be easy as he had his fathers support 

only way to salvage the crusade 

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first attack on Constantinople - poor leadership

july 1203- december 1203 

defeted forces of alexios 

300 crusaders, too weak, alexios fled, issac reeased crown to emperor 

failed to prevent riot and fire 

1203- days of riots and fire massive fire burnt down the city, damage 

tense relationship, byz and crusaders = last straw 

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first attack on Constantinople - Venetian ambition

doge damaged relationship further 

when payments stopped emotions flared further 

doge swore to crush alexios IV

undermine alexios petiton 

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first attack on Constantinople - circumstance

atmosphere in constantinople had chnaged: alexios hope for welcome had not materialised - supported alexios III 

alexios met resistance to the promise 

1. issac and the clergy dissaproved of many of uniting the churches 

2. pope and clergy dissaproved of melting treasures 

alexios therefore stopped payments after the fire

3. alexios was deposed and murdered 

alexios murdered and issac died 

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second attack on Constantinople - poor leadership

april 2014

entered a destructive agreement 

march pact- pool booty and all loot, encouraged more theft and slaughter 

fail to prevent looting and slaughter 

killings, theft and sexual violence 

innocent condemned their actions 

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second attack on Constantinople - Venetian ambitio

key proponents of march pact 

still desperate to recoup losses 

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