Lady Day and John Coltrane by Courtney Pine

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The majority is sung, however there is an extended virtuosic sax solo

Generally conjunct

Syllabic, with the melismas generally found at the end of the phrases

Narrow vocal range-uses melisma to widen vocal range

Use of ornamentation (e.g mordents (b 27), acciaccaturas (backing vocals) and appogiaura (b26))

Sax is improvisd. There is also vocal improvisation at points

LINK to 'Lady Day and John Coltrane' by Gil Scott-Heron (as Pine is a cover of this)

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Main vocals, backing vocals, keyboard, sax, drum program.

Hammond organ patch produces vibratio sound effect

Sax extended techniques

  • lip vibrato
  • note bening
  • glissandos
  • multiphonics
  • fall offs
  • high tessatura and large range
  • key clicks

LINK to Miles Davis 'Four' which also uses some of these techniques on trumpet (e.g. pitch bend, falls offs and having a high tessatura)

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Harmony and Tonality


In C minor throughout + loosely based on 12 bar blues


Uses extended chords

Increased harmonic rate from bar 21 (at the chorus)

Uses blues notes e.g first note in vocals (immediatly links to jazz)

Uses some N.C (no chord), which gives a stopped time effect

Chromatiscim in sax line and in the improv sections.

Bar 123-128  tonic pedal on C

LINK to All Blues as that also used extended chords and blues notes

LINK to Doo Bop Song by Miles Davis, which also only uses chords 1 and V and is also in C minor

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Extended sax solo in the middle

Extended outro

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  • Syncopation
  • Scotch snaps (b31)
  • Riffs
  • Triplets
  • Long sustained notes in sax part
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Melody dominated homophony

Polyphonic texture during improvised section near the end

LINK to Doo-Bop song by Miles Davis, who also uses melody dominated homophony

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