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03/03/2013 E. Singh

Reich (1936 ): New York Counterpoint II (1986)

Style of piece: simple patterns subjected to systematic processes of gradual transformation minimalism
His other Counterpoints include Vermont (for flute), Electric (for electric guitar) and Cello.
This work represents the bustling city life of New York, reflected in the…

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03/03/2013 E. Singh

2765 Cl.710 play 3 dissonant B2765 Cl.710 repeated s/qs
4part chords as repeated repeat first two chords for 6 bars
semiquavers fading in/out and the third for 8 bars then
pattern repeats
66 7 part texture resumes

67 3 note fragment of opening

B1371 Unchanging three…

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03/03/2013 E. Singh

Clarinet) and generally play persistent the piece. There are three different chords utilised in this In Bar 21 Clarinet 3 enters with material identical to
repeated notes. textural layer. the Live Clarinet part.
The exception to the groupings outlined above is Live Clarinet begins its solo passagework…


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