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Queen's A Night at the Opera (1975-
most expensive album produced)…read more

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Background of Queen
John Deacon: bassist
Brian May: lead guitarist
Roger Taylor: drummer
Freddie Mercury: pianist, vocalist
Queen formed in 1970-71 from two members of the group
`Smile'- Taylor and May with two newcomers mentioned above.
In 1973 Queen signed a recording contrast with EMI and
released their first album `Queen'. Early albums had
progressive elements of complex instrumental passages, lyrics
and virtuosity. `A Night at the Opera' featured diverse music
styles and experimented with the capabilities of stereo sound.…read more

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Death on Two Legs
Piano (prelude)
Bass (aggressive)
Electric Guitar (siren-like and distortion) use bottleneck to give metal
-Tritones in opening riff creates tension.
- Major on `feel good'.
- Acapella `now you can kiss my ass goodbye' emphasised as a
- F# 7 chord adds dissonance to `Kill joy'.
Long introduction builds and builds; starts with piano and adds guitars
etc... Half-time feel on the lyrics `you've taken all my money', `fools of
the first division'. Vocals are angry- `shouty' Guitar appears to growl
when `you want more' is sung. `Aahs' fade off like sighing.…read more

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Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
Piano (jazz style)
Guitar (imitates vocals)
Drums (light)
Double Tracking
- Piano intro based around E flat and B flat (I+V).
- Vocals recorded through a tin bin giving hollow sound-
gramophone playback style.
- Changes to D major ready for `I'm in Love with my Car'.
Music Hall style and it's a short song- perhaps an interlude
between the first and third song. Bike bell on `bicycling on
Wednesday evening'. Different activities on each of the days in
chronological order.…read more

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I'm in Love with my Car
Guitar (whammy bar effect)
Drums (written by Roger)
- I, IV, V and relative minor.
- 6/8 feel.
- Layering of voices- choir.
Car revving at the start and end fitting to the subject of the
song. On the B side of `Bohemian Rhapsody' single. `Machine of
my dreams' lyrics reflected by strong guitar and bass riffs.…read more

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You're my Best Friend
Electric Piano
- Comping accompaniment.
- Well known bass riff.
- C Major.
Composed by John Deacon on piano but Freddie sings it. Drum
fills go from low to high rather than high to low. `Ooh you make
me live' has harmonies in voices. Guitar licks.…read more

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