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    • He is regarded as the most famous composer of AYRES
      • His printed songs numbered 87 of which 84 appeared in 4 volumes
        • His 3 Books of Songs or Ayres, 1597, 1600 and 1603, and A Pilgrim's Solace , 1612, and 3 in his son Robert's Musical Banquet, 1614.
        • He is now regarded as a great composer, whose songs melodically and harmonically advanced the 'ART SONG.'
        • His ayres exhibit a wide range of contrasting emotions and technique.
        • His later works became more serious and complex
        • His early COME AGAIN SWEET LOVE' is light in mood and the 2nd half is characterised by a RISING 4th MOTIF beginning on the off-beat and rising SEQUENTIALLY
        • 'WELCOME BLACK KNIGHT' is dramatic and operatic in style with a greater intensity of feeling, eg use of pauses and rhetorical exclamations and depiction of images of blackness and dark.
        • Some of his lighter works are dance-like eg the ballet-like 'Fine Knacks for Ladies'
        • In later works such as 'In Darkness let me dwell' he freed himself of almost all conventions, accompanying the singer's strange, beautiful melody with biting discords to express emotional intensity to an extent unsurpassed at the time.
        • Some of his ayres are songs arranged from instrumental pieces such as 'Flow my Teares' arranged from a PAVAN, and 'Awake, sweet love' arranged from a GALLIARD for LUTE solo. As a result these ayres display some angularity in the vocal line.


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