The 20th Century

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Why did the Titanic go so badly wrong?

The lookouts didn't have binoculars

Captain Smith and the crew waited a long time after the iceberg had struck before prepering the lifeboats. 

Titanic's radio operator ignored the Californians warning about the icebergs.

The crew had the 3rd Class passengers trapped inside the ship until the women and children of first and second-Class left in lifeboats.

There was never a lifeboat drill passengers.

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Why did the Titanic go so badly wrong?

The Titanic's speed was far too high because of the several warnings for ice bergs.

The Titanic had more lifeboats than the law said they had to have but not enough for the people aboard.

The life boats were not filled to the max. Lifeboat #1 had 12 women and children but could hold 40.

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Why did the Titanic go so badly wrong? BAD LUCK

The Californians radio operator was asleep when The Titanic sent its call for help.

Titanic had 16 watertight compartments. If 4 were filled it would float if 5 were filled it would sink(5 were filled b hitting the iceberg).

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