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The Cold War and the Far East

China is a vast nation with a land of over 10 million square kilometres and a
population of over 1000 million. It had been an important power in the
East but by the first half of the twentieth century it was facing…

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troops but still provided aid to their respective areas. All attempts to
unite the country failed and in 1948 two separate countries became
established. North Korea was communist and South Korea was capitalist.
However, each side claimed to rule the whole of Korea.
Korea was bordered by two friendly communist…

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before Truman could inform Macarthur of his decision. This outraged many
American people who welcomed Macarthur home as a hero.
The war reached a stalemate with both sides digging into a maze of
trenches, heavy bombardments and dogfights in the air.
The Russians suggested peace talks and they began in…


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