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Teamwork refers to 2 or more people with common objectives that meet and interact regularly and perceive themsleves as team.


  • Positive interactions from the synergy that is produced within the team. This creative energy can be used for problem solving. It also reduces distortions from negative perceptions among workers.
  • Employees are able to satisfy their social needs according to Maslow. This occurs are they are interacting often with other workers in which they can build relationships with. Team members enjy a sense of belonging in the business. As a result their productivity will rise.
  • There is an increase in the skills and knowledge of the entire team as each memeber brings their own skills and experience through shared training. As a result this causes an increase in productivity causing AC to fall and profitablity to rise.
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  • The business may lose productive workers that prefer not to work as a team. As a result recruitment and training costs of the firm will rise. The exit of these workers will cause productivity to fall.
  • The consensus that is needed for the implementation of objectives and strategies within a team is time consuming. This results in missed opportunities by the firm.
  • Conflict may arise from a clash of personalities among workers or because of the difference in skills and experience. Therefore productivity will fall.
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Qualities of an Effective Team:

  • effective communication
  • decisions made by a general consensus
  • mutual trust and respect
  • shared leadership
  • committment
  • a true effective team compares actual results with objectives.
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