Key Words

key words for Admin. for each topic


1A: Organisation of departments

Authority - the power that an employee has to instruct others and take decisions

Responsibility - the obligation an employee has to carry out a range of tasks or duties

Accountability - the obligation an employee has to justify or explain her/his actions or desitions

Organisation chart - the management structure shown in a diagram

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Relationships within an organisation

Line relationship - between the line managers and the staff immediatly below them

Lateral relationship - between employees that have the same level of responsibility and who report to the line managers.

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1B: Key Functions of Departments within an Organis

Functional Area - a key area of activity within a department in the organisation

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Tasks within Departments


 collects and processes purchases requisitions from departments

obtains quotations, catalogues and pricelists from possible suppliers

agrees purchase prices and conditions (credit terms, delivery dates, warranties,ect) with suppliers

prepares purchase orders

recieves and checks deliveries against delivery notes

keeps stock records

checks invoices against orders and goods recieved: authorises payment for goods

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Human Resources

advertises vacancies

prepares job discriptions/ person specifacations

issues and collects job application forms

colects refrences

arranges and carries out interviews

prepares contracts of employment

keeps employee records

undertakes job gradings

keeps accident records and reports

issues writen and verbal warnings

issues leters of dismissal

deals with staff welfare matters

organises training  courses

meets with traide union representatives

advises on employment legislation

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