Domestic Versus International Business

Unlike a domestic business manager, an intrnational manaer faces greater difficulties, greater uncertainties, and, more importantly, much greater risks. The tasks of  an international business executive are clearly much more challenging (Harrison et al,2000)

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Domestic vs International

Domestic Business Planning 

  • Normally single language, nationality, culture
  • Relatively homogenous market
  • Data often available, usually accurate and accessible
  • Uniform tax/financial climate
  • Single currency
  • Business "rules of the game" familiar and largely understood.
  • Singular legal and political environment centred on national level authority

International Business Planning

  • Multilingual/Multinational/Multicultural
  • Relatiely fragmented and diverse markets
  • Data colection relatively difficult/ expensive
  • Variety of tax/ financial climate
  • Multiple currencies differing in stablility and real value
  • Rules diverse and unfamiliar
  • Multiple legal/ political environments and different authority levels
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