symbolism in mice of men

symbolic features such as red thought about and what they could mean.

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candy's dog and the puppies

Candy's dog and the puppies are symbolic to:

-new generation (new lives/startinf afresh)

-hope (somthing to look forward to rather than dwell on)

-econamy of America (expensis)

-old for new (old dog for new puppies)

-relationships (show geaorge and lennie, experiance and innocence)

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the dream/own farm

Symbolism is shown throough the dream of the farm through:

-pride (somthing to own)

-hope (looking forward, helps with tough times)

-American dream (work hard earns you a reward)

-work ethic (positive)

-time (takes patience)

-responsability (somthing to own and take care of)

-income (provides money)

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The red symbolises:

-evil/devil colour (creates horror)

-blood (pain and injury)

-bright/shocking (contrast)

-love (passion for somthing/ strong

-tartey (lip stick- associated)

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The mice are symbolic due to:

-innocent (not much knowlage of surroundings)

-weak (not much strength)

-secretive (quite with movements)

-small (not very big)

-unaware (don't undersatnd much)

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