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  • Of Mice and Men
    • Slim
      • He's a Jerkline Skinner
      • The the leader of the mule team whom everyone respects.
      • Slim becomes an ally to George and helps protect Lennie when he gets in trouble with Curley.
      • Slim has compassion and insight, and he understands George and Lennie's situation.
      • He alone realizes, at the end of the novel, the reason for George's decision.
    • Candy
      • Sometimes called "the swamper,"
      • he is a old handyman who lost his hand in a ranch accident and is kept on the payroll.
      • Afraid that he will eventually be fired when he can no longer do his chores, he convinces George to let him join their dream of a farm because he can bring the necessary money to the scheme.
      • He owns an old sheep dog that will become a symbol of Lennie before the novel ends.
    • Crooks
      • The black stable worker who cares for the horses.
      • A symbol of racial injustice, Crooks is isolated from the other hands because of his skin color.
      • He also convinces Lennie to let him join their dream of land, but he must give up that dream.
    • Curley's wife
      • he only character in the novel who is given no name, she is Curley's possession.
        • This proves that Curley's wife is treated like Curley's possession.
      • She taunts and provokes the ranch hands into talking with her, an action that causes Curley to beat them up. George sees her as a "tart," but Lennie is fascinated by her soft hair and looks.
      • She is unsympathetically portrayed as a female tease until the final scene, in which the reader hears about her earlier dreams.
      • Lonely and restless, she married too quickly to a husband who neglects her.
    • Curley
      • The son of the ranch owner, Curley is a mean little guy who picks fights with bigger guys like Lennie.
      • He is recently married and extremely jealous of any man who looks at or talks with his wife.
      • Lennie crushes his hand, earning Curley's future enmity.
    • Lennie
      • A migrant worker who is mentally handicapped, large, and very strong.
      • He depends on his friend George to give him advice and protect him in situations he does not understand.
      • His enormous strength and his pleasure in petting soft animals are a dangerous combination.
      • Before George started caring for Lennie, Lennie was cared for by his Aunt Clara
      • He shares the dream of owning a farm with George, but he does not understand the implications of that dream.
      • Lennie is very forgetful, he keeps asking George to remind him were they're going
    • George
      • George dreams of some day owning his own land, but he realizes the difficulty of making this dream come true.
      • Lennie's friend, George gives the big man advice and tries to watch out for him.
      • Taking responsibility for not only his life but also his death.
    • Carlson
      • The insensitive ranch hand who shoots Candy's dog.
      • He owns a Luger, which George later uses to mercifully kill Lennie.


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