Of Mice And Men: Style, Language, Imagery and Structure

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  • Style, Language, Structure and Imagery
    • Style
      • Story develops through dialogue
      • There is two main locations: The ranch, and Salinas
      • Descriptive
      • Dramatic
    • Language
      • Slang/colloquial
      • Lennie uses short, simple Language
      • Lennies sentences are childlike
      • Uneducated and simple
    • Imagery
      • Reference to light and dark sets atmosphere
      • Uses image as symbols to things in life
      • Lennie is compared to animal, meaning physical strength
      • Wildlife described in the opening and closing senes contrast between the cycle of nature and a humans temporary apperance in a scene of life
    • Structure
      • Action starts and ends the same
      • Start of the novel raises the issue in George and Lennies friendship, at the end of the novel it ends in the same location , which reaches the conclusion of friendship
      • River at the beginning is sen to be dangerous, men chasing them, and George says that 'it would be a nice place to sleep' which is ironic considering were he dies
      • Circular formation: starts and ends the same
  • Of Mice And Men


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