Of Mice and Men - foreshadowing

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Foreshadowing means to indicated or suggest something that is going to happen later on in the novel either good or bad. This is important because is shows the others technique and there attitude or reactions to the characters in the novel. This could build tension in the novel.Foreshadowing also normally points to conflict

Examples of Foreshadowing in of mice and men

The death of a mouse, the death of a puppy, leads to the death of a person.

The petting of a mouse, the petting of a puppy, Curley's wife gets Lennie so stroke her hair.

Candy cant shoot his dogs but George has to shoot Lennie. George is being strong where candy accepts he has been week.

Candy wished to be stronger -  " I ought to of shot that dog myself, George" 

The events in Weed Foreshadow what happens at the rance but this time there is no escape. 

Lennie Holding on to Curley's hand in panic foreshadows his panic with curley's wife. 



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This is really useful, just the chapters or where abouts each quots are would make this even better.

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swagmaster jordy

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