Surah 4 - Family Life

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Quotes on the Treatment of Women

  • 128: If a man is cruel/deserts the woman, she can ask for a divorce, men are thought of to be greedy
  • 34: Men are protectors + maintainers of women, this is why they are stronger, because they support women from their wages
  • 28: From creation, man has been weak - why Adam was tempted by the apple
  • 25: A Muslim man is allowed to marry Christians + Jews. If a woman does something wrong she would get twice the punishment of somebody not married
  • 23-24: There are strict rules of who a man can marry - alot of women are out of bounds to him
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Quotes on Family Life

  • 1: Men were created first, women were created as Man's mate
  • 4: The dowry is a free gift (part of the Qur'an), if she wants to give it to the man, she can
  • 22: Not allowed to marry your Stepmother
  • 20: If you divorce/marry again, the right wife has every right to her dowry
  • 19: You can't force a woman to be with you, they should be treated will, if you take a dislike to them, it may be not them but something they do + Allah is making this happen for a good reason
  • 15: If you are caught having an affair - with 4 people to testify, you should be kept in your house until death
  • 129: If you do get divorced, you must give the woman enough to support her fully, rather than just leaving her
  • 34: Women should guard the religion of  the house (when the mans not there) - if they are disloyal you first tell them off, then refuse to have sex then chastise them lightly (beat them up)
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