Six articles of Belief-Ocr Islam

Hi, made these notes its a collection of all the six articles of belief. Please share how your going to revise for this exam. Hope it helps.

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Jumela Begum 13LEB
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The six articles of belief
There are six Articles of Faith in Islam.
These basic beliefs shape the Islamic way of life.
1- Belief in the Oneness of God:
There is One God, Supreme and Eternal,
Creator and Provider, Who is Merciful and
Compassionate. God has neither father nor
mother, and no sons or daughters. God has
never fathered anyone, nor was He
fathered. God has no equals. He is God of all
humankind, not of a special tribe, race, or
group of people. He is the God of all races and
colours, of believers and unbelievers alike. God
is Mighty and Supreme, yet is also very
near to pious, thoughtful believers, answering their prayers and helping them. God asks us to know Him, to
love Him, and to follow His Law, for our own benefit and salvation.
2- Belief in the Angels of God
Angels are pure and spiritually obedient beings, created by God to fulfil His commands and worship Him
3- Belief in the Revelations (Books) of God
Muslims believe in the Revelations sent by Almighty God to His Prophets and Messengers including the
Qur'an, the Torah, the Gospel, the Scrolls of Abraham and the Psalms of David.
4- Belief in the Prophets of God
All Messengers and Prophets of God such as Noah, Moses, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad were mortal
human beings endowed with Divine Revelations and appointed by God to teach humankind how to submit
to His will and obey His Laws.
5- Belief in Resurrection after Death and Day of Judgment
After the world ends, Muslims believe that all people who have died will be brought back to life (or,
resurrected) in order to face the Judgment rendered to each of them by Almighty God. Muslims believe in
an appointed Day of Judgment and in Heaven and Hell.
6- Belief in Al-Qadar
Muslims believe that Almighty God has knowledge of, and control over, everything that exists in all time
and space.
This list is sometimes shortened to Five Articles of Faith, which leaves off belief in the supremacy of God's

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Jumela Begum 13LEB
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Belief in Allah-First article of belief
The first article of belief is 'Tawhid' which translates as 'the oneness of Allah'. Islam considers Tahwid
(oneness of Allah) belief in one supreme god, Allah whom is regarded as the creator and sustainer of the
Most importantly it is important to note that Muslims do not refer to their creator as God.…read more

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The Kalam argument is the belief that everything that has a beginning of its existence and has a cause for its
existence, and that cause is God himself, the Kalam argument supports the oneness of Allah. Allah is
portrayed as a ruler and judge but Islam also stresses his compassionate nature.
The nature of Allah is found in Surah Al-Fatiha (surah 1)
The Arabic word `fatiha' indicates the commencement or the beginning.…read more

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evident how the word `straight' is used to describe the path. In general Straight refers to the correct or the definite
and the opposite which is `crooked' this is referred to the wrong way thus this word is used on purpose to suggest
the rightful path followed by the righteous people.…read more

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The greatest of them is Jibril, Gabriel. The Prophet of Islam actually saw him in his original form. Also, the
attendants of God's Throne are among the greatest angels. They love the believers and beseech God to
forgive them their sins.…read more

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those revealed before him.
THUS the third pillar of faith is to believe in revealed books namely:-
o Taurat or the original Torah of Musa (Moses)
o Zabur or the original Psalms of Daud (David)
o Injil or the Original Gospel of Isa (Jesus)
o Quran other Books of previous prophets.…read more

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10. On that date, while performing the Haji Akbar or Haji Wada'-farewell Pilgrimage-the last message was
revealed to the Holy Prophet:
"This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour upon you and have chosen for
your Islam as your religion".
Eighty-one days after this final revelation, the Holy Prophet passed away at the age of sixty-three.
The revelations came piece-meal-verse by verse. There are altogether 6,666 verses although some school
would say 6,240.…read more

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Jumela Begum 13LEB
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responsibilities. Therefore Allah sent prophets as guides and teachers to mankind and sent
heavenly books.
o Man has a nafs (soul). It has desires and lust. Man has endless goals, ambitions and pride, anger
and fury, indignation and reactions. Man is open temptations from the devil. Nafs may continuously
tempt him to do bad deeds. The devil tempts him to do bad deeds.…read more

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Since the Quran was revealed in 23 years, the Sahaba (Companions of the Prophet) wrote down the verses
and memorised them during this period. So, the Quran was kept by the clerks of revelation and was
continuously recited by hafizes (hafiz: one who memorized the whole Quran). It was recited in mosques and
was conveyed to those who do not know it and they were taught to recite it.…read more

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"Those who deny Allah and His apostles, and those who wish to separate Allah form His apostles, saying:
"We believe in some but reject others," and those who wish to take a middle course, they are in truth
unbelievers; and We have prepared for unbelievers a humiliating punishment."
"To those who believe in Allah and His apostles and make no distinction between any of the apostles, We
shall give their due rewards for Allah is All Forgiving and Most Merciful.…read more



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