STUARTS: Charles I Religion



  • Charles favoured them
  • Outsiders to the court believed they were in control of the king
  • Charles believed his difficulties with parliament were an attempt by the Puritans to attack the Kings power
  • Arminian Sibthorpe was preaching in favour of forced loans saying its God's Will
  • York Conference 1626- tried to heal divisions between arminians and Puritans
  • - Earl of Warwick (Puritan) requested for Buckingham to chair a theological debate at his home
  • - focus was on the anti calvinist writings of Montagu
  • - warwick wanted Charles to move away from people like Montagu but Buckingham instead supported the leading anti calvinist Laud
  • -Buckingham did this to reinforce his political relationship with Charles
  • - Charles didn't attend which showed that he wasn't going to stop supporting them
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  • Laudian ministers support divine right and attack puritanism
  • 1628 Laud was made Bishop of London
  • 1633 Laud was made Archbishop of Canterbury
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  • Puritan Archbishop of Canterbury up until 1633
  • He didn't like arminians
  • Charles ordered Sibthorpe's sermon to be printed and published so it can be read out in all church services
  • legally, the licence for printing sermons was issued by him but he refused to licence Sibthorpe's sermons
  • Charles suspended him and replaced him with Arminian William Laud
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Henrietta Maria

  • Seen as influencing Charles towards Catholicism and absolutism= negative political consequences
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