Stress Related illness-General Adaptation Syndrome

How are stress and illness linked?

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general adaptation syndrome

General adaptation Syndrome

Han Selyre (1940)

  • Subjected rats to stressors
  • found that rate produced simular patterns of physical respnceses no matter what teh stressor was. He called this...

General A.Syndrome
1)Alarm stage
2)Resistance Stage
3) Exhausion Stage

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1)Alarm Stage

1) Alarm Stage

Stressor is dealt with.

Both pathways are active do we get ready for 'Fight or flight'.

 E.G-Pulse or breathing

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2)Resistance Stage

2)Resistance Stage

If stressor persists SMP activity decreases but PAS path is maintained.

Since we have limited reasorces-->Bodys resistance is lowered

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3)Exhausion Stage

3)Exhausion Stage

If still persists->Bodys responce system breaks down

->Illness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, impaired physical and mental abilities occur.

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