Selye's GAS model

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Describe Selye's GAS model (8 marks)

Selye investigated rats responses to situations he judged to be stressful:

    • heat
    • fatigue
    • injury
    • drug overdose

Based on findings -- came up with General Adaptation Syndrome:

    • 'General' -- same response produced regardless of stressor
    • 'Adaptation' -- responses shown to stressful stimuli = healthiest way for body to cope with extreme stress
    • 'Syndrome' -- responses to stress included range of physiological & behavioural effects rather than 1 single effect
  • GAS theory defines what would happen to the body if it were to encounter an unavoidable stressor
  • Suggests body will act generally normally regardless as to what is actually causing stress
    • a non-specific response of body to any demand made upon it
  • Proposed there was one internal mechanism that produced same generalised response


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