Stress management; exercise

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stress management; exercise


  • negative mood states are linked with vulnerability to stress related with illness
  • do the positive effects of exercise indirectly help with coping with stress
  • it is unclear whether exercise improves the mood

possible explanations 

  • by exercising people take control and increase their sense of self efficacy (control over the world 
  • possible that encephalin are released during exercise and act on the brain to improve mood however there is no evidence to prove this is the case


  • holmes (1993) exercise is linked with lower levels of stress and lower risk of hypertension but it is unclear whether depression leas to exercise rather than exercise curing depression
  • jennings et al (1986) ps doing extra exercise have low bp and heart rate
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Stress management; exercise continued

evaluation of exercise and stress

  • biddle (2000) confirmed that exercise lowers stress and has a positive effect on mood 
  • throne et al (2000) regular exercise reduced stress in fire fighters
  • mutrie (2000) confirmed regular exercise can lead to a reduction in clinical depression
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