Staying Hospital


Staying In Hospital

It can be a difficult, traumatic and upsetting stay because of..

  • A different routine
  • Absent family members
  • Strange surrondings and unfamiliar people
  • Unpleasant, uncomfortable treatment or pain
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Making it a Happier Experience

It can be made easier when theres unresticted visitng and parents can stay overnight

A pre-admission visit for a non-emergancy will reassure children. They're shown equipment and encouraged to play wi it.

Parents should let children pack their own bags and remember a comfort toy,. Let them choose something new to take with them,

Parents can expalin about hosptials as a precaution incause of emergency admission. Depending on the childs agg, they can

  • Use books, DVDs, stories, games
  • Explain what might happen, with emphais on being made well
  • Ecourage role play by providing nurses and docots outsits and pretend equipment. 
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Regression is when children temporarily resturn to behaviour shown when they were younger.

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