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Copy Cat Violence

Jamie Bulger Case

Two ten year old boys abducted and murdered a two year old boy from a shopping centre. jamie bulger was abducted by the two older boys then beaten, abused and murder. The ten year old boys then laid Jamie's body on a railway track to make his death look like an accident.

This case shows that copy cat violence exits as the young boys recreated a scene from Childsplay 3.

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Copy Cat Violence 2

BoBo Doll Experiment

Children watched an adult attack a Bobo doll with a hammer and saw the adult punch and throw the doll, they were then put in the same room with the doll with lots of play toys and also weapons (hammer, gun) and the children who had watched the doll being beat up and sworn at then repeated the behaviour, where as the children who watched the adult treat the doll well went in and played with the doll. also the children who had witnesses the violent behaviour were attracted to the gun more. 

This is an example of copy cat violence and shows that children can learn through observation

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Moral Panic

Mods and Rockers

The mods and rockers were two conflicting youth subcultures in britain in the 1960-70's. They would sometimes have figghts however the media creaated moral panic by inncorrectly reporting them, saying they were more violent that they were. This meant because the media was focused on them the police had to act in bigger numbers than usual which meant more arrests which then lead to moral panic.

This case shows that the media created moral panic.

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